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The goal is always to improve the Other. Blessed Be.

You cannot hate your way to the Goddess. Blessed Be.

Seek that which you do not believe, for there you will find another child of the Goddess. Blessed Be.

There is no one way, one path, one light, one word, one Goddess. There are many, there are more. Blessed Be.

When faith flounders, remember there is always duty to the Goddess. Blessed Be.

Reach out your hand - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - and connect. Blessed Be.

Regardless of what feeds your journey to the Goddess, She is always in and out of reach. Blessed Be.

Rejoice for She is within reach, within earshot, within. Blessed Be.

Hear Her words, and let Her voice sing. Give Her your words, and sing Her praises. Blessed Be.

Fear not that which has not happened, for the Goddess is at hand. Blessed Be.

May the universe bring upon you the blessings of the Great Mother. Blessed Be.

By the grace of the Goddess I am one with the world. Blessed Be.

Holy and sacred Mother of All, I ask Thee to shine Thy light upon this child and illuminate the peace within. Blessed Be.

The Goddess shall wait for you, in sea and sand, air and fire. Blessed Be.

Kindness can be a luxury in time, heart and soul. Blessed Be.

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